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Our History

Since 1981, ERS Cooling Systems has been providing the mid-Atlantic region with outstanding service. Our dedication to the industry has earned us a reputation of being “truck radiator specialists.” ERS offers parts sales and unparalleled service for heavy duty trucking equipment. Our warehouses stock the largest inventory of heavy duty truck radiators and cooling systems, located in Maryland and Central Florida.

ERS Cooling System sets the standards of quality and excellent service in our industry.

Don’t be fooled by low priced replacements, most likely the products you are being quoted are too good to be true. They will not offer the same cooling capacity as the original radiator that was designed for your vehicle. However, ERS Cooling’s knowledgeable staff can provide you with the correct part that will match the radiator’s OE core design to actually cool equal or better than your previous radiator. See exactly how the radiator your getting stands up to your OE by using our core fluid flow calculator.

Our company will always to strive to achieve techniques and knowledge to enable us to provide outstanding service to our customers. Check out our inventory with a wide variety of heavy duty truck radiators, equipment and generator units.

We sell, service and repair all major makes, models and applications of:

  • Heavy Duty Truck Radiators
  • Aftercoolers; Air to Air, Charge Air Coolers, Tube & Shell & Water Cooled.
  • Condensers
  • AC Parts
  • Heat Exchangers; Tube & Shell, Finned & Marine.
  • Oil Coolers; Tube & Shell, Finned & Marine.
  • Backup Generator Cooling Systems
  • Fuel Tanks; Leaked, Loose Baffles & Pickup Tubes Repaired.

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