ERS Advantage

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radiator core diagram. Rows and tube explanations

The ERS Difference: We match up the correct part AND core design to your truck!

Don't be fooled by low priced replacements, find out what kind of core/product you are being quoted on, especially if the price seems almost to good to be true. Most likely what you are getting is NOT going to have the same cooling capacity as the original radiator that was designed for your vehicle. Click here to use our core fluid flow calculator and see how the radiator your getting stands up to your OE.

Our Knowledgeable staff can match a new complete radiator to your truck that will not just be the correct part but also match that radiators OE core design to actually cool equal or BETTER than the OE radiator.

Features of our new product line include:

  • Double Crimp-Strip Headers for a better seal between Tank/Gasket and Core.

  • Re-enforced corner tubes to help prevent premature failures (split / leaking tubes near the header plate), which is a common problem found in plastic aluminum truck radiators, OE and aftermarket alike.

  • Heavy gauge tubes for a stronger / more durable core design

  • 2 year limited warranty from time of purchase backed by our ERS guarantee

(the ERS guarantee states that if an item is deemed "warrantable" by ERS Staff, it will be replaced at that time with no additional cost to the customer, this cuts down on wait time for warranties. We have a certified staff that will test returned items within a 1 hour time period depending on workload. (This guarantee only applies to a specific product line of plastic aluminum truck radiators)   

All of our new product line comes with Pins / Clips (common on Freightliners), Drain Plugs, Inlet Tubes, and/or parts needed when replacing the truck radiator. Say goodbye to paying up to an extra $100 dollars out of pocket for small accessories that should already be included with a brand new radiator and put that money to use somewhere else.

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