Warranty Information

ERS Cooling Systems, strives to procure the best quality products available in the industry. As a result ERS offers a 24 month limited warranty from date of installation on new bolt together radiators and plastic and aluminum radiators. All metal copper and brass soldered together radiators are warranted for a period of 12 months no exceptions.

If in the first 3 months the radiator experiences any failure due to a mechanical mistake, a road hazard like a stone piercing the core or an engine oil cooler failure, ERS Cooling Systems will apply up to 3 hours of labor to repair the affected radiator at no charge. If the repair requires addition al time only the time in excess of 3 hours will be billed.

If within a period of 6 months a truck is in an accident or a fan failure results in the destruction of a radiator that was purchased from ERS Cooling Systems, a new radiator will be provided at a price 25 percent lower than the original purchase. The old radiator will need to be returned to ERS Cooling Systems for verification.

If a radiator is believed to have a warrantable failure it will be necessary to call ERS Cooling Systems immediately. Most warranties can be handled by forwarding digital photos of the failure and serial number of the radiator. The rare case that a warranty cannot be verified using this method ERS Cooling Systems will ask the customer to ready the radiator for freight pick up. ERS Cooling Systems will issue a return goods authorization number and initiate the pick up of the unit. Any radiator returned for warranty and the failure is not warrantable, the customer will be responsible for any freight charges and cost of replacement or repair of the unit.

After the radiator is inspected by ERS’ personnel and if found to be defective, ERS Cooling Systems will at our discretion repair or replace the radiator at no charge and return the radiator to the customer freight prepaid. Any radiators missing their original fittings or having been damaged in the installation or removal process will not be considered for warranty.

Radiator products with the following defects will not be covered under warranty:

Improper installation resulting in damage to the tanks or core, cracked frames, electrolysis caused by electrical accessories not being grounded, truck accidents where grounds are improperly connected and electrolysis results, stripped oil cooler fittings, other fittings stripped, physical damage of any type, detiorated fins on the exterior of the radiator core (which indicates chemical corrosion) and internal plugging which is a result of poor coolant quality.

Liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective radiator. ERS Cooling Systems assumes no liability for any incidental, consequential or contingent damages resulting in the failure of the radiator assemblies or related products that we sell.

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