Charge Air Coolers

Charge air coolers from ERS Cooling Systems. ERS stocks all major makes, models and applications. Whether it's part sales, service or repair, ERS Cooling Systems has the knowledge,  experience and inventory to get you the correct charge air coolers you need when you need them. Our Charge Air Coolers(air to air, intercooler) ship to most of the following in 1 day: Maryland, Deleware, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, parts of Kentucky, parts of Tennessee

Warranties on our charge air coolers range from 2 Year warranty on Tube & Fin Design to Lifetime Warranty on Bar & Plate Design.

Why replace my charge air cooler(air to air, intercooler))?

The charge air cooler(air to air) or CAC can directly affect the engine performance / horsepower, gas mileage, and emissions. When a customer has a charge air cooler leak they may often not be aware of it because unlike a radiator, there is no fluid trail to follow, just air leaking out which can sometimes be heard when a truck is running and sometimes not. Some customers may assume that a truck’s age or overall mileage is to blame for their loss of fuel mileage, when it may actually be a charge air cooler leaking.

The ERS Difference

We offer 2 different styles of charge air coolers(air to air, intercooler), depending on customer preference.

(Not all charge air coolers come in both designs ask our friendly staff what is available!)

Tube and Fin

Our T/F model charge air coolers are a heavy-duty aftermarket replacement charge air coolers for the budget buyer. They come backed with a 2 year limited warranty. Not only are they held to the same quality standards as OEM, they also come at a money saving price!

Bar and Plate

bar and plate charge air cooler core design

Our B/P design charge air coolers come with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY! This revolutionary new design has been breaking through the aftermarket with a strong positive response. By removing the header plate, the common tube to header joint failure issue is avoided altogether. Heavy gauge tubes are much more resistant to physical damage than tube and fin style charge Air coolers. This item is great for customers / truck owners who have modified the horsepower beyond OEM but do not want to void any warranties for their charge air cooler.

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