615RA012-International, Ford-Radiator

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International, Ford Radiator


1652 Stripped Chassis, DuraStar 4000, F650 - F750, Integrated BE Bus, Integrated CE Bus


Not Specified


2004-2007 International 1652 Stripped Chassis, 2002-2007 International DuraStar 4000, 2004-2007 Ford F650 - F750, 2007 International Integrated BE Bus, 2005-2008 International Integrated CE Bus


NAV12, 4C4Z8005YA, 640012, 1136, 640012, 640012AP, 640012PT, 640012ST, S6412, S6412PA, NAV12, BT7365WC, BTC7365WC, 7365WC, SCSI239329, TR9329, CR9329, 239329, 559329, 559329A, 437389S, SPI20011531, 20013531, ABPN2020013531, IN40OCGS, FLX000757, 6125AT, SRM6125AT, CVTX61252, CTVTU61253, CTAVTX61252, CTAVTU61253, HDC010243, RADIN126, 2504903C91, 2504903C92, 2504906C91, 2504906C92, 2505508C91, 2505508C92, 2505508C93, 2505510C91, 2505510C92, 5C4Z8009A, 5C408009AA, 2507383C91, 2507383C92, 2507390C91, 2507390C92, 2508164C91, 2508164C92, 2508917C91, 2508917C92, 2509357C92, 2509881C91, 2585027C91, 2585036C91, 2586048C91, 2586048C92, 2587841C92, 2587894C91, 2587894C92, 1S180001, 1S180003, 1S180024G, 1S180043, 1S180041, 1S180045, 1S180049, 1S180067, 1S180110, 1S180112, 1S180113, 1S180117, 1S180119, 1S180121, 1S180123, 3E9550D, 3E9838D, 3E10200, 3S10200, 3S0102000000, 3S10202, 3S50145, 3S51531, 23677, 4C408005YA, 4C4Z8005YA, 5C4Z8009A

Year Range:

2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008


20 1/2" x 25 1/8" x 2 1/4"

Inlet Conn:

2 1/4"

Outlet Conn:

2 1/4"


2 Years


With 18"-7 plate transcooler with 3/4" NPT fittings in right tank on front grille side. Also fits models without the 3/4" heater return line connection. The heater return line can be removed if not required. For applications without transcooler use 615RA008.

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